Architects That Build

At VKS Architects we have experience in a wide range of building types from primary residences to office build outs to equestrian facilities. Each project receives a bespoke site-specific approach to ensure each project can stand the test of time. 

In addition to architectural design services, VKS partners with Katonah Building Corp. to take the project from design through construction. Acting as both the architect and builder, we have the full understanding of the project from the very beginning and therefore can give detailed instructions directly to the subcontractors and their labor force. Any design concerns or modifications can be immediately implemented. We are able to make construction recommendations based on the architectural design and instruct the workers “on the spot”. 

Architects that Build

VKS Architects + Katonah Building Corp.

Our clients have confirmed that the design-build approach to projects has resulted in substantial savings in time, money, and ultimately the owner’s satisfaction with the final product.